Comet Neowise

July 2020  |  Wenas, WA

Comet Neowise, Wenas, WA.

While I visited my parents in WA I was looking for a new place I had not shot the Milky Way. I decided on Wenas Lake. However, when I drove there I didn’t see very much good scenery around the lake and it was too close to several houses and light. So I decided to go further out away from the city out in the forest. This turned out very nice because I started off the night shooting Comet Neowise by framing it against the trees in the forest and then the Milky Way came up and I started shooting each of them and eventually taking an eight-shot panorama with the Milky way and Comet Neowise along with a few shooting stars. Another one of my favorites from last summer. There were no cliffs to fall off in that area, only a herd of cows grunting and making funny noises in the night. They were like spectators watching me and finally ran off when I spooked them!

Comet Neowise with Milky Way at Wenas, WA
Comet Neowise
Wenas, WA

Photo © copyright by Michael Buckley.